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Ben Sadd
Ben Sadd
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If you are interested in opportunites to join the SADD LAB, please contact Ben Sadd​.

Shannon BarbarekShannon is an undergraduate currently working on cricket immune assays.

Ruben Martin-Blazquez. Ruben is a postdoctoral research associate co-advised with Prof. Sydney Cameron and based at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He works on how the gene expression of various bumble bee species is affected by exposure to  pesticides and parasites. 

Austin Calhoun. Austin is an MS student who is working on understanding ecological impacts on bumblebee health. As an undergraduate he worked on bumblebee-trypanosome interactions.​​
Bimp_person_replacement.jpg Kristin_labpic.JPG

Kristin Duffield. ​Kristin is a PhD candidate studying life history theory in decorated crickets. She investigates the intrinsic state and the environmental contexts for male cricket terminal investment. Kristin is a co-advised student with Prof. Scott Sakaluk​. 
Kylie Hampton. ​Kylie is a MS student studying reproduction and immunity in decorated crickets. Previously, Kylie volunteered in the lab after graduating from ISU in 2016. Kylie is a co-advised student with Prof. Scott Sakaluk​.

Rachel Mandes. Rachel is an ISU undergraduate who is studying the interactions between the bumblebee immune response and beneficial bumblebee microbes.

Abraham Martinez. Abraham is a Biological Sciences undergraduate and LS-Amp mentee. He is wokring on his honors thesis on bumblebee-parasite interactions.

Ian Rines. Ian is a PhD student studying nuptial gifts in decorated crickets. Ian is a co-advised student with Prof. Scott Sakaluk​.​

Ben Sadd. Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease Ecology at Illinois State University

Logan Sauers. ​Logan is a MS student at ISU studying the interactions between bumblebees and their beneficial gut microbes.
Kerrigan TobinKerrigan is a 2nd year MS student investigating how shifting temperatures influence immune investment and infection outcomes in a bumblebee trypanosome parasite system​. 




​Seth ​Barribeau, Liverpool University.
Seth is a collaborator on aspects of host-parasite relationships in bumblebees, especially with regard to genomics and transcriptomics. More about Seth here. 

​Paul Schmid-Hempel, ETH Zurich.
Paul is a collaborator on a multitude of host-parasite topics. The page of Paul and his group can be found here. 

​Olivia Roth, GEOMAR Kiel.
Olivia is a fellow aficionado of quirky aspects of trans-generational immune priming. Homepage of Olivia. 

​Peter Neumann, University of Bern.
Peter is a collaborator on multiple environmental stresses in pollinators. Homepage of Peter.
Scott Sakaluk, Illinois State University. ​Scott is a collaborator on ecological immunology and life-history investment in crickets. Homepage of Scott.​   sajulian.jpg

Steve Juliano, Illinois State University. Together with Steve Juliano we are investigating immunity, consequences of its use, and variation in mosquitoes. Homepage of Steve. 

Sydney Cameron, University of Illinois. ​Sydney is a collaborator on pollinator health, especially the consequences of exposure to multiple stressors for bumble bees. Homepage of Sydney.​ Hunt.jpeg

John Hunt, University of Western Sydney. ​John is a collaborator on ecological immunology and life-history investment of cricekts. Homepage of John.​​

Evan Palmer Young. Evan has been a collaborator on a number of projects about the influence of phytochemicals on the bumble bee parasite Crithidia bombi. He was also a visiting scholar in the group in 2017. Evan's homepage​


Past students and members


Corinne Letendre. ​Corinne is a PhD student advised by Prof. John Hunt at the University of Western Sydney. She visited the group in 2018 to work on techniques and ecological immunology of decorated crickets.
Madeline_web.jpg Madeline Hallahan. Madeline worked on the bumblebee system. As an ISU Biology Education major and was the recipient of a prestigious Noyce Scholarship.
Mitchell Czerwinski. Mitchell worked as an undergraduate researcher on coinfection dynamics in our bumblebee and trypanosome system, and then carried out his senior thesis on interactions between pesticide exposure and immunity. Mitchell graduated in 2016. 

Marc Ashford. Marc was an ISU undergraduate and an LS-AMP mentee working on a collaborative endeavour taking a comparative look at immune responses across Hymenoptera.​ Marc graduated in 2016 as and undergraduate, and in 2018 received is MS. 

Ellie Hart. Ellie was an ISU undergraduate student. She worked in the group with bee care and maintenance, and assisting in projects on bumblebees and their parasites. Ellie graduated successfully in 2016.

Adam Frank. Adam was an ISU undergraduate who quantified infection loads as part of a project on coinfection dynamics in bumblebees. ​Adam graduated in 2016.


Aline Fauser-Misslin. ​Aline was a PhD student based at the University of Bern. She investigated how both pesticides and parasites influence crucial colony level and individual traits in bumblebees. ​​Aline graduated in 2014!

Steffanie Cain. Steffanie was an ISU undergraduate student working to understand how perception of mating possibilities influences immune investment of decorated crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus).​​ She graduated from ISU in 2014!
Joe Oremus. Joe was an ISU undergraduate student studying Aedes mosquito immunity. He focused on temporal dynamics of immunity following a standard immune challenge.
Michelle Alvarez. Michelle was an Agriculture major undergraduate and an LS-AMP mentee. She was involved in a project on temproal dynamics of coinfection in the bumblebee system. ​Michelle graduated from ISU in 2015!
Christina Jester. Christina was an ISU undergraduate student in Biology education. She worked in the group for over a year and a half helping with bee care and maintenance, and assisting in projects on bumblebees and their parasites. She really loves bees!​ Christina graduated in Biology Education in 2016!