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Ben Sadd
Ben Sadd
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SADD LAB News and Photos


Sadd Lab Fall 2016

​The SADD LAB Fall 2016: (left to right) Austin Calhoun, Logan Sauers, Ben Sadd, Kristin Duffield, Kerrigan Tobin, Rachel Mandes, Kylie Hampton

AY 2015: a recap

Logan, Ben, Rachel and Kristin at Phi Sigma banquet and awards ceremony
Phi Sigma banquet
Mitchell presenting at University Research Symposium (and below)
Marc presenting at University Research Symposium
Kristin presenting at University Research Symposium
Marc and Ben at LSAMP community outreach event
Rachel counting plates in the "cold"
Mitchell with a B. impatiens queen
Marc keeping it clean

Sadd Lab Fall 2015

The SADD LAB Fall 2015: (left to right) Kristin Duffield, Ellie Hart Mitchell, Czerwinski, Ben Sadd, Rachel Mandes, Marc Ashfrod, Adam Frank, Cristina Almeida

Sadd Lab Spring 2015


The SADD LAB Spring 2015: (right to left) Joe Oremus, Michelle Alvarez, Mitchell Czerwi​nski. Christina Jester, honorary lab member Molly Schumacher from the Juliano Lab, Kristin Duffield (co-advised with Scott Sakaluk), Ben Sadd​​​​​​​

Bumblebee spring queen collections 2014

Different continent, different species, different habitats, and different habits, but the collections of spring bumblebee queens for lab colonies has been fun!

2014 Publication update: Gene expression & host-parasite GxG

A study documenting how differential expression patterns may underlie genotype-by-genotype specificity in host-parasite systems has just been published by PNAS. The early online addition can be found here​

2013 Publication update: Heterogeneity in infection outcome

A review paper for the journal Parasites and Immunology by Ben Sadd and Seth Barribeau has been accepted. This review outlines past and current work on the bumblebee-trypanosome system, with a particular focus on how different factors feed into the outcome of infections, as measured by infection success, prevalence, or virulence. While the emphasis is on the bumblebee-trypanosome system the general message is that the tremendous context dependency of infection outcomes must be embraced by anyone interested in or researching host-parasite interactions. The abstract of this article can be found at this link

Sadd BM & Barribeau SM (in press) Heterogeneity in infection outcome: lessons from a bumblebee-trypanosome system. Parasite Immunology