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Ben Sadd
Ben Sadd
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Dr. Ben Sadd is currently or will be involved in the courses below. In addition, undergraduate research opportunities are available through BSC290.043. Please contact Dr. Ben Sadd​ for more details.   

BSC450.48 Current topics in the Evolution and Ecology of Infectious Disease

A graduate level course that delves into the realm of the evolution and ecology of infectious diseases and the host organisms that are bombarded by them.​

BSC201 Ecology

A broad introduction to ecology, from individuals to ecosystems. 

BSC311 Rainforest Ecology

Natural history and ecology of tropical ecosystems and the threats they face. This course also focuses on the development of independent and original projects by the students, including a fieldcourse component in Costa Rica, where students get to realize their projects.  

BSC301 Entomology

An insight into the taxonomy of insects, with a focus on their ecology and evolution.